10 (Admirable) Characteristics of Baby Boomers: What Sets Them Apart?

Are you puzzled by what drives baby boomers? Misconceptions paint them as out-of-touch retirees, ignoring their rich experiences and dynamic traits. The reality is far more intriguing. A baby boomer is a person who was born between 1946 and 1964. This generation, shaped by economic prosperity and social change, is full of surprises. From their tech savvy to their strong work ethic, boomers defy stereotypes. Find out what makes these baby boomers tick by reading these ten qualities.

1. Wealth and Spending Power

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Baby boomers are the wealthiest generation. Growing up during economic prosperity, they saved and invested wisely. Today, over 46% have financial reserves to cover living expenses for six months or more. This financial stability allows them to splurge on new products and experiences, making them a key consumer group. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers are comfortable spending due to their strong financial foundation, allowing them to enjoy luxuries and new experiences.

2. Increasing Social Media Use

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More time is being spent on social media by baby boomers. Their usage has increased by almost 10 minutes in the past two years, while Gen Z’s time on social media has decreased. They are adapting to trends in short-form and video content, with Facebook being their favorite platform. Additionally, their presence on Instagram and TikTok is growing. What Makes Them Tick? Social media helps boomers stay connected with family and friends, keeping them informed and engaged with current trends.

3. Active in the Workforce

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Many baby boomers remain active in the workforce. Nearly 40% are employed full-time or self-employed. Their dedication to work is driven by both financial goals and a genuine enjoyment of their careers. Around 80% are satisfied with their jobs and value clear objectives and company strategies. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers find purpose in contributing to the workforce, enjoying both personal fulfillment and achievement. Employers who value their experience can retain this dedicated group.

4. Growing Interest in Content Creation

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More baby boomers are getting involved in content creation. The number of boomers sharing blog posts or videos has grown by 11% in the last year. Older influencers are gaining popularity on platforms like TikTok, attracting younger audiences and brand partnerships. What Makes Them Tick Content creation allows boomers to share experiences and stay relevant. Brands partnering with older influencers can tap into this growing trend.

5. Strong Advocates for Equal Rights

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Social justice and equality are causes that baby boomers are passionate about. They are more likely than the average consumer to support causes related to equality and diversity. In markets like South Africa, Croatia, and Portugal, they stand out for their progressive views on immigration and cultural inclusion. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers believe in fairness and equality for all, advocating for social justice.

6. Environmentally Conscious

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Environmental advocacy is strong among baby boomers. Compared to Gen Z, they are 65% more likely to always recycle and 14% more likely to be interested in environmental issues. Growing up before the widespread use of single-use plastics, they have eco-friendly habits like recycling, buying seasonal produce, and reducing waste. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers’ eco-friendly habits are lifelong practices, valuing sustainability and expecting it from brands they support. Companies emphasizing green practices can build strong relationships with this generation.

7. Disconnection with Current Advertising

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Baby boomers feel underrepresented in current advertising. Only 4% of global ads feature individuals aged 60 or above. This lack of representation makes them less likely to connect with brands they see advertised. They value accurate and respectful portrayals, reflecting their diverse interests and progressive views. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers want to see themselves reflected in media, appreciating accurate representation.

8. Positive Outlook and Mental Wellbeing

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A positive attitude is a core value for baby boomers. In the US, 90% rate their mental wellbeing as good or very good. More than a third of them don’t purchase self-care products because they value social contacts more. To preserve their well-being, they instead put a lot of emphasis on spending time with loved ones. What Makes Them Tick? Boomers maintain mental health through strong social connections, and valuing time with family and friends.

9. Preference for Authenticity in Brands

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Baby boomers value authenticity in the brands they support. Companies with a strong sense of tradition and reliability are what they look for. In markets like the Philippines, Poland, and Thailand, this preference is particularly pronounced. They look for brands that support local suppliers and prioritize environmental responsibility. What Makes Them Tick? Authenticity matters to boomers, who value honesty and reliability. Companies that demonstrate these qualities will earn their loyalty and trust.

10. Active Gamers

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Baby boomers are increasingly becoming avid gamers. Their gameplay time has increased by 22% in the last two years. While they enjoy puzzle games the most, they also play shooter and action-adventure titles. This interest in gaming challenges the stereotype that gaming is only for younger generations. What Makes Them Tick? Gaming offers boomers a fun way to relax and challenge themselves. Developers creating games for this demographic can find a growing market. Conclusion Baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, possess unique traits such as significant wealth, continued workforce engagement, and a growing social media presence. They value authenticity in brands, show interest in content creation and gaming, and advocate for environmental issues and social justice. Despite feeling underrepresented in advertising, their diverse interests and strong values make them a crucial demographic. Understanding these characteristics helps in effectively connecting with this influential generation.