15 (Very) Concerning Text Messages From a Teenager That Have Us Wondering if Our Future Is Doomed

How often do you wonder if your kid will survive in this world? Sometimes the questions they ask can leave us thinking “Are they serious? Or are they really not that smart?” And if so, we parents need to do a better job of teaching them these life skills. One dad began sharing the text messages he got from his son on social media and the posts not only drew laughter but also highlighted the charming innocence and the noticeable gaps in life skills that many teenagers exhibit. Below are some real texts from this dad’s teenage son.

“Was my job at Taco Bell government or non-government?”

Taco Bell
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“If I use multiple stamps do I layer or put them side by side?”

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“Where do I buy pasta water?”

Boiling pasta
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“Are scallops meat? I thought they were a type of Onion.”

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“Did I already get my rabies shot?”

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“The white fuzzy stuff on my strawberries is fine to eat, right?”

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“Can I use a Christmas stamp to mail something in July?”

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“Do we have a zip code?”

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“Can we go to the bank and print out some money?”

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“Annual salary means you get paid once a year, right?”

Shy teenager
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“Can I drive with the windshield wipers on?”

Volkswagen Tiguan
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“I thought mail only came on Sunday.”

Girls at concert
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“The Watergate scandal has something to do with the Hoover Dam, right?”

Hoover Dam
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“Is church free? I’d like to bring a friend.”

Happy teenagers
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“AM is in the morning, right?”

Social media influencer
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Teenagers Lack Life Experience The humor in these texts goes beyond mere entertainment; it serves as a real-world snapshot of adolescent development. Teenagers, despite their often savvy technological usage, still exhibit a surprising level of naivety and practical ignorance. This lack of basic knowledge isn’t just amusing—it’s instructive. It highlights areas where perhaps our educational systems, or parenting approaches, might be missing out on imparting essential life skills. The innocence shown in these messages also opens up important dialogues between parents and teenagers. It reminds us that while teens might be proficient in digital communication, they still require guidance when it comes to understanding the environment around them. As funny as these texts are, they underscore a critical aspect of parenting: the need to patiently fill the many gaps in our children’s knowledge and prepare them for independence. Engage and Share These texts offer more than just laughs; they invite us into a larger conversation about the quirks of teenage thinking. By sharing these messages, we create a supportive community where parents can connect, reducing feelings of isolation. We encourage you to join in—share your stories and advice, and celebrate the humorous moments of the teenage years. So, let’s celebrate these humorous glimpses into the mind of a teenager, share our experiences, and enjoy the often bumpy ride of parenting together.