According to a recent government survey in Japan, “More than 40% of residents feel lonely.” Loneliness has become a prevalent issue worldwide, affecting the mental and physical health of millions of people. In the United States, statistics reveal a significant rise in loneliness levels over the past few years. However, Japan has devised a unique solution to combat this growing epidemic: renting a family. For instance, you attended an event in Japan and met your friends and their families. You may have had a fun time with them. But are these people even their real family members? Well, there’s a better chance that some of them can be paid actors hired to pretend as their families.

Why Do People Opt for “Renting a Family”?

In Japan, the concept of renting a family is gaining momentum as it has emerged as a viable option for people seeking emotional support or companionship. There can be various other factors to this trend in demand. Let’s consider a few essential points:

Growing Awareness

The trend is growing as many single or lonely individuals in Japan have realized the importance of having family support on certain occasions. This increasing awareness of loneliness has caused society to shift its paradigm towards acknowledging their emotional well-being.

Diverse Services

The family rental companies in Japan offer a wide range of options, catering to various needs of the people. From choosing parents and siblings to hiring entire families, clients can pick their preferences based on their desired level of companionship.

Emotional Support

Whether it’s about going for a walk, sharing meals, or simply having someone to talk to, renting family members can help individuals seek emotional support. Moreover, this service provides understanding to individuals seeking companionship or connection.

Positive Impact

Overall, this increasing trend has had a positive impact on the mental and emotional well-being of individuals. Additionally, renting a family has helped people build meaningful connections and discover a sense of belonging while reducing feelings of loneliness.

But How Does One Go About Renting a Family in Japan?

Companies like Family Romance serve as platforms where individuals can browse through various family rental services and select the one that suits their needs. This renowned agency specializes in providing family rental packages for short-term or long-term companionship to prospective clients. Typically, the price starts from 12000 JPY for 3 hours plus travel costs. However, the cost depends on the duration of the rental and the services requested. Another company, such as Client Partners in Tokyo, lends a friend for 800 USD for 11 hours. Also, Hagemashi Tai offers family rental services, starting from 10000 JPY plus travel costs. So, if you reside in Japan with a proper visa, you can rent a family member or even hire a partner for your next event. Final Thoughts: Are Rental Families Worth A Try? Technically, renting a family is an innovative approach by Japan that addresses the need to build meaningful human connections. In a society where loneliness knows no bounds, this trend is paving the way for a more connected society while offering individuals a glimmer of hope.