6 Most (Unsuspecting) Stolen Cars And 6 Least Stolen Cars In 2024

Despite advancements in vehicle security, car theft remains a significant issue. Interestingly, driver error contributes significantly to these incidents, with over half of stolen automobiles resulting from mistakes like leaving keys in the car. Here’s a closer look at the six most stolen vehicles and the reasons behind their unfortunate popularity.

1. Dodge Hellcat

Dodge Hellcat
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The Dodge Hellcat is a major target for theft with a staggering claim frequency of 6128, making it 61 times more likely to be stolen than the average vehicle. This car’s massive appeal is due to its exceptional horsepower and status as a high-performance muscle car. Thieves are drawn to its engine and rare parts, which fetch a high price on the black market, making it not just a target for joyrides but also for profit-driven crimes.

2. Dodge Charger HEMI

Dodge Hemi
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Next on the list is the Dodge Charger HEMI, with a claim frequency of 2197, translating to nearly 22 times the average theft likelihood. This model combines power with a bold design that captures the essence of American muscle. Its popularity is its downfall, as its parts are in high demand for resale, and the car itself can be sold off quickly in illegal markets.

3. Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger
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The Dodge Challenger finds itself nearly 7 times more at risk of theft than an ordinary car, with a claim frequency of 766. The way the traditional muscle car looks and feels combined with current performance makes this automobile so appealing. It stands out to thieves due to its popularity and the ease with which its parts can be stripped and sold.

4. Land Rover Range Rover 4dr 4WD

Range Rover
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The Land Rover 4WD, with a claim frequency of 289, is a favored target due to its status as a luxury SUV. Both local and international theft rings find it appealing because of its utility and opulent features. It’s often stolen to order and shipped overseas, where it can evade tracking and fetch a premium price.

5. Infiniti Q50 4dr

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The Infiniti Q50 4dr, despite a relatively lower claim frequency of 96, still sees a notable amount of theft. This vehicle is targeted for its luxury features and advanced technology, which remain highly valued in the underground market. Its high-tech components and stylish design make it a profitable steal for organized crime groups.

6. Acura RDX

Acura RDX
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In 2022, the Acura RDX had the highest theft rate among all vehicles at around 15%. This SUV is heavily targeted for its resale value and parts, being a popular and desirable vehicle. Its high theft rate underscores the critical need for robust security measures for owners.

Here are the 6 Least Stolen Vehicles

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In contrast to most stolen cars, some vehicles rarely attract the attention of thieves. This can be due to advanced security features or lower desirability in the black market.

1. Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model S
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The Tesla Model Y boasts an impressively low claim frequency of 3, indicating it is 33 times less likely to be stolen compared to the average vehicle. This low rate is largely due to Tesla’s cutting-edge security features like Sentry Mode, which starts recording as soon as someone steps close to the car. Additionally, its comprehensive system alerts make theft attempts highly risky and less likely to succeed.

2. Tesla Model 3

Tesla 3
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Like its sibling, the Tesla Model 3 also has a claim frequency of 3. It benefits from the same advanced security measures, including Sentry Mode, which deters theft by monitoring the surroundings and alerting any suspicious activity. The general awareness of these features among potential thieves contributes to its status as one of the least stolen vehicles.

3. Volvo XC Series

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The Volvo XC Series shows a stolen frequency of 6, making it 16 times less vulnerable than the average car. Volvo’s commitment to safety extends to theft prevention, with robust built-in security systems that make these vehicles less attractive targets for thieves looking for an easy steal.

4. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf
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The Nissan Leaf records only two theft claims out of nearly 33,000 insured units. This electric vehicle might not appeal as much to thieves because of its specific parts and lower resale value. In overseas markets where stolen vehicles are frequently sold, it lacks the desirability of other models. Additionally, its technological features provide significant theft deterrence.

5. Mercedes GLE

Mercedes Gle
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Despite being a luxury vehicle, the Mercedes GLE boasts an exceptionally low theft rate with only four claims out of more than 63,000 insured units. It’s quite surprising since luxury cars are usually high on the theft list, but the GLE’s robust anti-theft technology and perhaps less recognition in the thief community contribute to its security.

6. Subaru Ascent

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The Subaru Ascent is known for its minimal theft rate, with 19 claims out of over 312,000 insured units. This model is equipped with excellent safety features and generally attracts a different level of attention from thieves than more high-profile vehicles, making it an undesirable target.