Are Hotel Scents Purposefully Designed to Influence Your Mood?

A lavish 5-star hotel delights the senses. Along with being beautiful on the eyes and ears, these hotels usually have an opulent smell that immediately lets you know you’re in a luxury establishment. Believe it or not, these scents were made to make you feel a certain way – alluring and elite! Maybe that’s why you’re always in a special mood when staying at a really nice hotel! While cheap hotels usually smell like chlorine, others exude luxury through their fragrances. But which hotels specialize in their scent, and can you buy them? Let’s check it out.

Famous Hotel Scents

Many hotels smell amazing, but here we highlight three of the biggest luxury hotel chains and what they use.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is known for its grandeur and its signature scent is no exception. It gives you the feeling of fresh linens with a hint of citrus along with some elegant floral undertones. It creates an ambiance that is welcoming and indulgent but without being overwhelming. Thankfully, you can create this lavish experience at home. The chain not only sells fragrances through its website but also sells candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays. If you can’t get enough of that beautiful Ritz-Carlton smell, you can enjoy it without ever needing to leave your home.

Four Seasons

Step into any Four Seasons hotel and you immediately know that you’ve made the right choice. You’ll be greeted by a scent that is the epitome of luxury. It’s both a comforting and sophisticated aroma. The scent of its hotels is often described as a harmonious blend of green tea, fig and the expected array of floral notes. It’s an impressively refined aroma that adds to your overall experience. Sadly, they don’t offer the scent directly as a perfume but there are a few online retailers that sell their own interpretation. However, Four Seasons do sell a range of scented candles that allow you to get that luxury at home.

W Hotels

W Hotels are known for their luxury but while being a little edgy. Its signature scent is a perfect example of that. The aroma gives you a burst of energy with a distinctive fragrance that is still elegant. You’ll get a bold fusion of citrus, cedarwood, and even a hint of spice. It perfectly blends excitement and sophistication. It’s great for those whose energy matches that of this unique brand. Want to infuse your home with this urban chic ambiance? Thankfully, you’re in luck. The brand sells fragrance on its websites along with candles and diffusers to give you the true W Hotels experience.

Is It Possible to Purchase These Scents from Hotels?

As we’ve seen here, whether its perfumes or candles, all of the hotels above sell the scents that you can find in their buildings. This allows you to take that slice of luxury and apply it to your own living space. Buy what about other hotels? Thankfully, many of them offer their scents for sale. The best places to check are either at the front desk or their website. You’ll then have your guests getting that same feeling as you do when you step into one of these luxury hotels.