Are we alone in the universe? Here are the best places in America to experience a UFO sighting

From UFO sightings to binging famous Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Aliens are all the craze right now. The world is fascinated with extraterrestrial life, from watching documentaries like Alien Worlds to heading outside to find any sign of life for themselves. Those interested in UFOs are in luck since you can visit some of the places they were spotted. Here are the five best places in America you should travel to where UFOs have been seen.

5 Best Places In America Where UFOs Have Been Seen

Roswell, New Mexico

It may be no surprise that Rosewell, New Mexico landed a spot on the list. This remote town even has the famous Netflix show Roswell based on it. Roswell is infamous thanks to its UFO sightings in 1947. Since then, travelers come from all over to experience the alien-themed attractions. This includes the International UFO Museum and Research Center and alien street art. You can even visit during the Roswell UFO Festival, which takes place annually in July. 

Rachel, Nevada

Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime by visiting Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to Area 51, a famous military base connected to alien conspiracy theories. While you cannot visit the base, you can drive by the perimeter on the famous Extraterrestrial Highway. Make sure to take a picture next to the “Welcome to Extraterrestrial Highway” sign during your drive. This isolated town is known for its alien-themed tourist spots, such as the Little A’Le’Inn Motel and Restaurant. Stay the night during your visit, or stop by to enjoy a hot meal while shopping at their gift shop.

Aztec, New Mexico

Located in northwestern New Mexico is the small town of Aztec, which is the location of the famous 1948 UFO crash. The tale says that military officials found a saucer and the bodies of aliens at the crash site, and since then, alien lovers have wanted to see the spot for themselves. Aztec is not built on alien tourism like some of the other towns, but it’s definitely an exciting place to stay. You can visit the Aztec UFO Crash Site for yourself before exploring the surrounding areas.

Marfa, Texas

The town of Marfa is located in the high desert region of the Trans-Peco in Texas. This small town is known for its erratic UFO sightings that have been reported over the years. Many come here to view the fantastic Marfa Lights, which are glowing orbs that dance around the sky. It’s a phenomenon you cannot miss on clear-sky nights during your trip to Marfa. You can visit one of the Marfa Lights Viewing Areas in hopes of seeing not only the lights but also UFOS.

Cedar City, Utah

The iconic town of Cedar City is located in southwestern Utah near Zion National Park. Thanks to its dark and remote skies, residents have claimed to have seen UFOs in this area. While the area’s everyday tourist attractions are not based on UFO sightings, many will come here to camp underneath the big open sky. You can even visit during the Utah UFO Festival, which generally takes place in June. This event has films about aliens, speakers who talk about UFOs, and a costume contest.  The best part about all of these attractions is that you could combine them into one big road trip through the southwest. That way, you won’t miss any of the fantastic alien stops. Who knows, you may even have your own UFO sighting during your travels.