Boomer-Approved: The 10 Best College Majors with No Regrets

Based on graduate satisfaction and killer career options, we’ve cracked the code on the 10 least regretted majors. According to a Federal Reserve survey, about 40% of those who attended college regretted their major decision as of 2021. (source)

1. Computer Science

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With a 75% satisfaction rate, Computer Science is popular for its good work-life balance and high salaries. Graduates often become software developers, data analysts, or IT managers. The tech industry continues to grow, offering many job opportunities. This major prepares students for a dynamic and rewarding career.

2. Criminology

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Criminology majors have a 72% satisfaction rate, appreciating the practical nature of their degree. While it may not be the highest paying, it offers stable careers like police officers, forensic scientists, and legal assistants. It’s a compelling piece of work with real social significance. Graduates find fulfillment in contributing to justice and safety.

3. Engineering

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Engineering provides a variety of career paths, including civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering 71% satisfaction rate. Engineers solve real-world problems, which makes their work rewarding. For people who appreciate creative and hands-on work, this area offers secure, well-paying positions. Graduates are well-prepared to tackle complex challenges.

4. Nursing

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With a 69% satisfaction rate, nursing offers job security and the chance to help others daily. Nurses work in hospitals, clinics, and community health settings, positively impacting patient care. The demand for nurses remains high, ensuring stable employment. Many find the profession deeply fulfilling due to its humanitarian nature.

5. Health Majors

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Health majors have a 67% satisfaction rate and pursue careers as doctors, therapists, and healthcare administrators. The field is broad, providing diverse job options. Many find it fulfilling due to the direct impact on people’s lives. This major offers a path to meaningful work in various healthcare settings.

6. Business Management

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Business Management is a versatile major that opens doors to various career paths, including management, consulting, and entrepreneurship. With 66% of graduates expressing satisfaction, it’s clear that this field offers many opportunities. In the work market, having the capacity to lead and make strategic decisions is highly regarded.

7. Finance

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Proficiency in finance is highly valued in industries such as corporate finance, investment banking, and banking. About 66% of graduates would choose this path again. The major provides a strong foundation for managing money, analyzing markets, and making sound financial decisions, leading to rewarding and lucrative careers.

8. Psychology

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Psychology offers insights into human behavior, making it a fascinating and fulfilling field. With 65% of graduates satisfied, careers in counseling, therapy, and research are common. Understanding mental processes and helping others improve their mental health is a key aspect of this major, making it both impactful and rewarding.

9. Construction Trades

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Majors in building trades acquire useful skills that open up steady, lucrative careers in construction and related fields. 65% of people report satisfaction with their major. Working in this field involves hands-on tasks, project management, and the opportunity to see tangible results from one’s efforts.

10. Human Resources

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Human Resources focuses on managing employee relations, recruitment, and organizational development. Although the satisfaction rate is 58%, many find it a rewarding career. Graduates often work in various industries, helping organizations build strong teams and improve workplace culture, which is crucial for business success. Conclusion Choosing a major that aligns with personal interests and career goals can lead to a satisfying and fulfilling professional life. The majors discussed, such as Computer Science, Nursing, and Business Management, have high satisfaction rates and offer diverse opportunities. These fields provide stability, rewarding careers, and the chance to make a significant impact. By considering these least regretted majors, students can make informed decisions that lead to long-term satisfaction and success.