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3 Cute Eyeglass Case Double Options. Carry 2 Pairs of Glasses in Style!


If you own multiple pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses for work, rowing, golfing, reading, driving, travel, dinner dates, and just for errands, then you know how important it is to keep your favorite pair of glasses close by, organized, and protected. 

Eyeglass cases are a necessity for anyone who wears glasses. They protect the lenses from scratches, dust, and other debris that can damage them.

Types of Eyeglass Cases

From sleek hardshell to lightweight microfiber, eyeglass cases come in all shapes and sizes. However, there aren’t many compact solutions for those who like to keep two pairs handy. 

Many people are stuck with buying two single cases or getting a bulky case that fits 3 or 5 pairs. While there are two-compartment cases available, a majority of them can only fit readers. When customers do end up finding the right case, it comes with a hefty $175 luxury price tag. One can’t help but wonder if there is an option in the middle.

Why Do You Need Double Cases? 

Like many people who carry multiple pairs, Jacque, gets frustrated with the lack of storage options in the optics industry. “I always bring my regular glasses in case my contacts fail. But I also need my sunnies.”

Consequently, Jacque is forced to stuff two bulky clamshell cases in her bag. Like Jacque, those who regularly switch between pairs need something more than a single eyeglass case. 

Double Eyeglass Case Options

Today, eyewear enthusiasts demand more versatility and flair from their accessories. Thankfully, this is where the eyeglass case double comes in. There are some options on the market to cater to different consumers. 

Vera Bradley Women’s Microfiber Double Glasses Case


  • Affordable ($20.30)
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly


  • Fabric isn’t sturdy or secure
  • Glasses can slip out easily
  • No visual appeal

M-World Double Glasses Case Soft Pouch Shock Absorbing EVA


  • Cheap ($10.00)
  • Shock-absorbant
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly


  • Fabric isn’t sturdy or secure
  • Hard to fit two glasses
  • No visual appeal

The Ultimate Double Case Solution for Your Favorite Pair

If the previous products didn’t satisfy you, then get ready for the AGENT 248 2-compartment case. This practical, travel-ready contender is the best dual-compartment option because it doesn’t just fit readers but also makes room for your sunglasses. 


  • Reasonably priced ($29.97)
  • Hardshell
  • Fits eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Trendy


  • Can’t fit in a clutch bag
  • Can’t fit large curved-faced sunglasses

Unlike most cases, AGENT248 sets itself apart with a sleek, unisex design. The case will fit frames that are 2” high, 1.5” thick (when temples are folded), and 6.49” in length (when temples are folded). Some glasses can fit the case if you put your lenses facing down or upside down.

While this case is bulkier than the readily available fabric cases, it is still travel-friendly as it can fit in a medium or large handbag. The case’s strength ensures your glasses stay snug and protected, and the magnetic clamp adds an extra layer of security. 

Bear in mind that it is a little more costly than some of the other cases on the market, retailing at $29.97. However, this price point is justified considering the trust of customers and the overall quality.

“I was disappointed with some of the double glass holders offered. Seemed too small. But I found this gem!  Definitely solid and won’t damage my glasses while in my purse. Magnets are strong and clamp easily. Best of all, they easily fit my larger glasses and sunglasses. Great purchase!” – Allison.

“I love this case! The product is well made and so useful since it condenses the number of cases you need to carry to protect your glasses. It also has a sleek design and seems durable. I totally recommend this for people who use multiple glasses throughout the day.” – Neliza

Now Jacque, who used to carry two single cases, can bring one sleek case and fit both of her glasses in it!

The Story Behind AGENT248

The AGENT248 case was created as a compact solution for those looking to carry two pairs at a time without hassle. What began as a premature idea took shape into a finished product with positive reception. 

Meet the Creator

Jan is the creator of the AGENT248 case. It all started when she was bullied in middle school and restored her confidence after wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses wherever she went. 

As spectacles became a part of her life, she curated her own collection of pairs. Consequently, she collected multiple clamshell cases that took up so much space and could pinch a finger if not handled properly! Not to mention, most clamshell cases were unappealing. 

Tired of the old-fashioned clamshell case, Jan set out to find a case that could fit more than one pair in a compact and aesthetically pleasing fashion. 

She found a few cases that could hold multiple pairs during her journey. One case carried five but was the size of a lunch box, and another case carried two but was too small and could only fit two reading glasses. 

Having found nothing that suited her, Jan took matters into her own hands to design a case that would be:

1. Hardshell and sturdy

2. Fit both pairs without being too bulky

3. Visually-appealing

The Product Development Journey

While Jan’s idea was a game-changer, she encountered a challenge while executing the product development: there was no standard size for glasses. 

The only way to determine a pair’s size (for a case fitting) was to figure out if the glasses were flat-faced glasses or curved-faced glasses. 

Jan wanted to cater to both but didn’t want to sacrifice bulk. So, she found a middle ground by designing a case that would fit glasses that are 1.5” thick when temples are folded. This contemplation resulted in AGENT248, a case that’s neither too bulky nor too small.  

Want to know if your glasses will fit the case? Lay your glasses face down on a flat surface, use this virtual ruler, if your lenses curves up to 3/4 inches you’re good to go!

So, if you’re not satisfied with the other eyeglass case double solutions on the market, Give AGENT248 a try!