How to Carry Sunglasses When Not Wearing Them? 9 Best Ways

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Samuel Wallace

Sunglasses, those stylish protectors of our eyes, often find themselves in a precarious position when we’re not wearing them.

We’ve all been there: the sun dips behind a cloud, or we step indoors, and suddenly, we’re left juggling our beloved shades. Where do you put them? On your head, risking them falling off? In your bag, where they might get scratched?

Some of the most typical methods of transporting sunglasses when not in use are neck strapping, hooking them onto your shirt or top, hanging them from the neck of your shirt, and so on.

But are these methods foolproof? In this article, we’ll dive deep into the art and science of safely and stylishly carrying sunglasses.

The Dilemma of Storing Sunglasses

It’s not just about aesthetics when it comes to sunglasses; it’s also about the often-overlooked problem of keeping them safe while they’re not in use.

The everyday challenge for sunglass wearers

Sunglass enthusiasts often grapple with the daily puzzle of where to safely tuck away their shades, especially during sun-soaked summer days when the sun’s rays are at their peak.

These aren’t just fashion statements; they’re a pivotal part of eye care. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or have perfect vision, those shades play a crucial role.

It’s not just about the sun. Consider someone who loves skiing or another who’s a construction worker. Their environments demand protective eyewear, making the storage challenge even more pressing.

Importance of proper storage for longevity and protection

Sunglasses, with their sleek frames and pristine lenses, are crafted to stand the test of time. But, like a vintage car or a cherished book, they need their own safe space. This ensures they serve you well, year after year.

Both the lenses and the frame are protected from unsightly scratches. Both are equally vital.

Let’s break it down:

  • UV Shield: A primary function of sunglasses is to act as a barrier against the sun’s damaging UV rays. These rays are notorious culprits behind severe eye conditions, even as grave as eye cancer.
  • Glare No More: Ever been momentarily blinded by the sun’s intense reflection, especially on water or a shiny surface? Sunglasses act as a shield, reducing this glare and, in turn, lowering the risk of conditions like cataracts. But, can you wear sunglasses at night? Let’s explore.
  • Easy on the Eyes: Extended exposure to bright light can tire out our eyes. Sunglasses come to the rescue, minimizing eye fatigue, especially during activities like driving.
  • Fashion Meets Function: Beyond their protective role, sunglasses are the cherry on top of a well-put-together outfit, adding that dash of panache.

9 Ways To Carry Sunglasses When Not Wearing Them

Keeping sunglasses neat and organized when not in use is often a challenge. Having a go-to technique for transporting things can make all the difference, from casual outings to strenuous activities. 

Let’s look at some clever ways to keep your shades safe and always within reach, ensuring they’re ready for action whenever the sun decides to shine.

1. Use a neck strap

You can hang your sunglasses from the neck of your shirt. Brands like Oakley have innovated with neck straps tailored to fit specific sunglasses models. 

These straps snugly secure the sunglasses around the neck, making them a prime choice for those always on the move. Whether you’re cycling, jumping, or sprinting, these straps ensure your sunglasses remain stationary, eliminating the annoyance of them swinging about.

2. Hook them onto your shirt or top

A fusion of convenience and style, hooking sunglasses onto a shirt or top is a favored method by many. By simply placing the arms over the collar, the sunglasses dangle elegantly, offering a chic look suitable for both men and women. It’s a blend of functionality and fashion, ensuring your sunglasses are always within arm’s reach.

3. Slide them onto the shirt placket or into a polo shirt pocket

For those sporting shirts with plackets or polo shirts with pockets, these features can double as handy storage spots for sunglasses. The shades may be kept secure and conveniently accessible by slipping them onto the placket or tucking them into a polo shirt pocket, all while adding a touch of refinement to the outfit.

4. Tuck them into your breast pocket

The breast pocket isn’t just for pens or pocket squares. It’s an ideal nook for sunglasses. Not only are the sunglasses protected from potential catastrophes by carefully tucking them in, but they are also kept within easy reach, making this solution both functional and stylish.

5. Hang them from the neck of your shirt

Another simple yet effective method is to let the sunglasses hang from the shirt’s neck. The sunglasses are kept safe by placing one arm inside and letting the rest dangle out, adding flair to the overall look.

6. Hook the arm through a button-down shirt

For those donning button-down shirts, the buttons present a unique storage solution. By hooking one arm of the sunglasses through a buttonhole, they stay firmly in place, reducing the risk of them falling or getting lost.

7. Hook them onto your pant’s front pocket

For those who prefer to keep their upper body free, the front pocket of pants offers a handy spot. When traveling, hook sunglasses onto the pocket’s edge for easy access and secure storage.

8. Use a lanyard

Lanyards, often associated with IDs and keys, can be repurposed for sunglasses. Available in various styles and colors, they attach to the sunglasses’ arms, ensuring they’re always close by. Whether draped around the neck or hung from the head, lanyards offer a blend of style and convenience.

9. Carry a 2-compartment hard shell case

Nothing beats a hard case when it comes to maximum protection. The Agent248 Cases do a good job at keeping sunglasses from potential damage, scratches, and falls and they’re trendy!

While they might require a bit more space in a bag or pocket, the peace of mind they offer is unparalleled, ensuring the sunglasses remain in pristine condition for years to come.

Ensuring Maximum Protection

Protecting your sunglasses goes beyond merely shielding your eyes from the sun. It’s about preserving the integrity of your eyewear, ensuring it lasts long and remains in pristine condition. 

Let’s explore the best practices to maximize the protection of your cherished shades.

The unbeatable security of hard cases

Hard cases stand as the fortress for your sunglasses. Designed to combat external threats like pressure and accidental bumps, they offer a sanctuary for your eyewear.

Their robust construction ensures that even if your bag gets jostled or dropped, the sunglasses inside remain unscathed and, you can also store sunglasses in your car to keep them safe.

Beyond just physical protection, these cases are champions against dust and potential scratches, ensuring your sunglasses retain their fresh-out-of-the-box look for years.

Avoiding common damages: Scratches, falls, and more

Proper storage is the secret weapon against the usual culprits of damage. When placing sunglasses in their case, ensuring the lenses face upwards can be a game-changer. This orientation minimizes the risk of scratches, preserving the clarity and quality of the lenses.

For those moments when a hard case might feel cumbersome, a soft pouch emerges as a savior. While it might not be as protective against falls, it shields the sunglasses from dust and minor abrasions, keeping them clean and scratch-free.

Investing in quality storage for premium sunglasses

Premium sunglasses, with their intricate designs and hefty price tags, deserve nothing but the best. It’s not just about protection; it’s about pampering them.

For those who own multiple pairs of designer sunglasses, an organizer or stand can be invaluable. Not only does it keep the sunglasses safe, but it also adds an element of organization and accessibility, ensuring each pair is always ready for its moment in the sun.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Method

Choosing the right method to carry or store sunglasses isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. It’s a blend of personal preferences, the design of the sunglasses, and the demands of daily life. Here’s a closer look at the factors that can guide this choice.

Assessing your daily activities and lifestyle

Your day-to-day life plays a pivotal role in this decision. For adventure seekers who are always on the move, methods that prioritize security, like neck straps or sunglasses clips, might be the way to go. They ensure the sunglasses stay put, whether you’re hiking up a mountain or cycling through the city.

Conversely, for those whose days revolve around boardrooms and office settings, elegance takes precedence. Here, a sophisticated hard case or a sleek sunglasses holder organizer fits the bill, merging professionalism with protection.

The role of sunglass shape and design in storage

Not all sunglasses are created equal. Their design, from oversized Hollywood frames to sleek wraparound styles, dictates their storage needs.

Larger frames might demand more spacious storage solutions, like specific hard cases or holder organizers, ensuring they’re not squished or deformed.

Balancing style, convenience, and protection

It’s a delicate dance between looking good, ensuring ease of access, and safeguarding the sunglasses.

While some methods, like sunglasses straps, score high on style and convenience, they might fall short on the protection front. They’re great for a quick dash but might not shield the sunglasses from potential mishaps.

In contrast, hard cases might be bulkier and less trendy, but they’re the guardians of sunglasses, ensuring they’re shielded from almost any adversity.


Is it safe to wear sunglasses around your neck?

While it’s a convenient method, it’s best suited for casual settings. It may not be ideal for rigorous activities as the sunglasses could fall.

Are there any stylish yet protective methods to carry sunglasses?

Tucking sunglasses into a breast pocket or using a stylish lanyard can be both protective and fashionable.

Is it advisable to hook sunglasses onto pants or cargo shorts pockets?

While it’s a convenient method, one should be cautious as there’s a higher risk of the sunglasses falling out, especially during physical activities.

How can I ensure my sunglasses don’t stretch out when not in use?

Avoid placing them on top of your head for extended periods, and use cases or holders that accommodate their shape without putting undue pressure on the frames.

Are there storage solutions for multiple pairs of sunglasses?

Yes, there are sunglasses holder organizers available that can store multiple pairs, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Can I use a soft pouch for my sunglasses?

A soft pouch is suitable for protecting sunglasses from dust and minor scratches but may not offer the same level of protection against falls or pressure as a hard case.

What Is The Best Way To Carry Sunglasses For You?

Sunglasses, while often seen as mere fashion accessories, play a crucial role in our daily lives, safeguarding our eyes from harmful UV rays and enhancing our style quotient. Yet, their storage often remains an overlooked aspect. 

As we’ve explored, there’s a myriad of ways to carry sunglasses when they’re not shielding our eyes, each method catering to different lifestyles, sunglass designs, and personal preferences. From the stylish hooking onto shirts to the robust protection of hard cases, the options are vast. 

In essence, the key is to find a balance between style, convenience, and protection, ensuring our sunglasses remain in top-notch condition, ready to serve their purpose whenever the sun shines bright.