How To Keep Sunglasses From Slipping? 12 Simple Solutions


Sick of your sunglasses always slipping down your nose? It’s something we’ve all experienced. It’s a sunny day and you’re wearing your favorite shades, soaking up the sun. But then, the annoying slide starts. 

There’s that constant nudge, nudge, pushing them back up whether you’re chatting with friends or sipping coffee. It’s frustrating, right? You’ve probably wondered, ‘Why can’t these just stay put?’

Well, guess what? There are simple solutions to this slippery problem, and it’s easier than you think. No more constant adjusting, no more awkward face touching. 

Just pure, uninterrupted style and comfort. Stay tuned, because we’re about to dive into some easy, practical tips on how to keep your sunglasses right where they belong.

Understanding Why Sunglasses Slip

Sunglasses should stay put, but sometimes they act more like a slide in the playground, slipping and sliding down. 

Let’s find out why this happens.

  1. Not the Right Fit: If sunglasses don’t hug your face just right, they’ll start to wander down your nose. They need to fit not too tight, not too loose, but just right.
  1. Heavier Than Feathers: When your sunglasses are heavy, they tend to droop like branches loaded with fruit. Lighter frames might just be the trick to keep them up.
  1. Skin as Slick as Ice: Oily skin can make your nose a mini slide for your sunglasses. A bit of powder or oil-absorbing sheets can make your nose less slippery.
  1. Arms That Don’t Hug: The arms of your sunglasses should gently wrap around your ears. If they’re off-angle, they won’t give your head the little hug it needs to keep them in place.
  1. A Narrow Nose Bridge: A narrow nose bridge doesn’t give your sunglasses much to rest on. Pads can help widen the bridge and keep your sunglasses from diving.
  1. Frames That Feel Like Hula Hoops: Frames that are too big can’t hold on to your face. The hula hoop just falls when you try to hold on to it.
  1. Temples That Aren’t Straight: Bent temples make everything unsteady, just like wobbly table legs. Straightening them out can stop the wobble.
  1. Temples That Don’t Match: If the temples of your sunglasses aren’t even, they’ll tilt like a seesaw. They need to be even and level to sit still.
  1. Nose Pads on the Move: If the nose pads have shifted, your sunglasses won’t stick to your nose. Adjusting them to the right spot can make all the difference.
  1. Screws That Have Loosened Up: Just like shoelaces need to be tight to keep shoes on, screws need to be tight to keep your sunglasses from falling off.

At-Home Fixes for Slippery Sunglasses

When your sunglasses keep sliding down, it’s like a sock that won’t stay up. But don’t worry, you can fix it right at home with these simple tricks.

1. Bending the Temples Just Right

The temples are the arms of your sunglasses. If they’re too loose, your sunglasses might slip. You can gently bend them so they fit better around your ears, like a soft hug.

2. Tighten Your Screws 

Look at the tiny screws on your sunglasses. If they’re loose, your sunglasses might fall. Use a mini screwdriver to tighten them up, just like you would tighten the laces on your sneakers.

3. Sticky Beeswax to the Rescue 

Beeswax isn’t just for candles; it can help your sunglasses stick to your nose. Put some sticky tires on the nose pads, and they’ll grip better.

4. Silicone Nose Pads for Extra Stick 

Silicone is the stuff that makes kitchen spatulas flexible. Stick-on silicone nose pads can make sunglasses cling to your nose, so they won’t slide off.

5. The Handy Hair Tie Trick

Hair ties are fantastic for ponytails and can also be used to hold sunglasses in place. Wrap a hair tie around the end of each temple, and it’s like adding little stoppers that help your sunglasses stay on.

Professional Solutions to Prevent Sunglass Slippage

Sometimes, no matter how much you tweak and adjust, your sunglasses still slide down your nose. That’s when you call in the pros for help.

1. Getting the Pro Touch with Frame Adjustments 

Just like a tailor can make a suit fit you perfectly, an eye doctor or optician can adjust your sunglasses so they fit your face just right. They have the tools and know-how to bend and tweak the frames so they sit comfortably and don’t slip.

2. Custom-Fitted Sunglasses: The Ultimate Solution

Consider custom-fitted sunglasses to be similar to a pair of shoes designed specifically for you. They’re made to precisely fit the shape of your face, making them less prone to slip. 

Yes, they are more expensive, but they are custom-made to fit you properly, which can make a big difference in comfort and keeping them in place.

Innovative Products to Keep Your Shades in Place

When your sunglasses keep slipping, it’s like a puzzle that needs the right pieces to solve. Here are some clever tools that can help keep your shades in place.

1. Nerdwax: The Secret Stickiness 

Nerdwax is like a glue stick for your glasses but without the mess. You put it on the parts that rest on your nose and ears, and it helps your sunglasses stick to your skin. It’s clear, so no one will even know it’s there.

2. Eyewear Bands and Straps: The Sporty Solution

Consider eyeglasses bands and straps to be similar to sunglasses laces. They wrap around your head and keep your shades from bouncing around when you’re playing sports or just being active. They’re made of stretchy materials like rubber or soft cloth.

3. Ear Hooks: The Comfy Cling

Ear hooks are like little hooks for the back of your ears. They grab onto the ends of your sunglasses and make sure they don’t fall off, even when you’re moving a lot.

4. Friction Sleeves, Socks, and Heat Shrink Tubes

These are like cozy sweaters for the arms of your glasses. They slide on and make the arms thicker, so they grip your head better. They’re pretty neat because you can’t see them, but they work great.

5. Cable Temples: The Curvy Grip

Cable temples are like regular glass arms, but they have a special twist like slide arms. They curve around your ears so your sunglasses can’t slip down. It’s an old-school trick, but it still works like a charm.

With these tools, you can keep your sunglasses in place all day. No more pushing them up your nose every few minutes!

Lifestyle Tips to Reduce Sunglass Slippage

Keeping sunglasses from slipping isn’t just about the glasses themselves—it’s also about how you live and what you use. 

Here’s how you can help your sunglasses stay put with some everyday lifestyle choices.

Choosing the Right Skincare Products

To keep your sunglasses from taking a slide, think about the little things you do every day. The face wash you use can make a big difference. 

If your skin is less oily, your sunglasses will stick better. Look for face washes that are made to get rid of oil and try washing your face once in the morning and once at night. 

Selecting Sunglasses with the Right Material and Weight

When it’s time to pick out a new pair of shades, go for ones that are light as a feather, materials like titanium are super light and won’t pull your glasses down your nose. 

Also, check for sunglasses with rubber on the nose pads or the arms; they’re like little tires that help your glasses grip onto your skin. 

Remember to keep your sunglasses away from places that are really hot or super cold, because extreme temperatures can make them change shape and not fit right. 

And if you’re always on the move, you might want to invest in a sunglass strap or band. They’re like seatbelts for your shades, keeping them safe and secure while you’re out having fun.

When to Seek Help: Signs You Need a Professional Fitting

Sometimes, no matter how many tricks you try, your sunglasses just won’t stay up. That’s a sign you might need some expert help. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to see a professional:

  • Sunglasses Still Sliding?: If your sunglasses keep slipping down your nose even after you’ve tried all the DIY fixes, it’s like a puzzle that won’t come together. A professional can help solve it.
  • Ouch! Are They Hurting You?: If your sunglasses pinch your nose or squeeze your head, they shouldn’t. It’s like wearing shoes that are too tight. An optician can adjust them so they fit just right, without the pinch.
  • Got a Vision Condition?: If you have special eye needs because of a medical condition, an optician can tailor your sunglasses to your vision, making sure they’re not only snug but also right for your eyes.
  • Active Lifestyle?: For those who are always on the go, whether playing sports or hiking trails, sunglasses that stay put are a must. It’s like needing good running shoes for a marathon. An optician can make sure your sunglasses are up for the challenge.

What are some of the regular checks to keep your Sunglasses away from Slipping?

To avoid losing your sunglasses, it’s like being a detective on a mission. You’ve got to check for clues and fix any trouble spots. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Keep Them Clean: It’s like your hands after eating sticky candy. If you don’t wash them, they’ll pick up everything. Clean your sunglasses often so they don’t pick up grease and slip off your face.
  • Tighten Those Screws: Sunglasses screws are similar to shoe laces. If they get loose, your sunglasses start to wobble. A quick twist with a mini screwdriver can make them snug again.
  • Stick-On Nose Pads for Extra Grip: Silicone nose pads are like those grippy socks that keep you from sliding on the floor. Stick them on, and your sunglasses will cling to your nose better.
  • Check the Fit: Your sunglasses should fit like a comfy hat, not too tight and not too loose. If they don’t fit right, they’ll slip, just like shoes that are too big. Make sure they’re just the right size for your face.


Can the material of my sunglasses affect how often they slip?

Yes, the material can play a role. Sunglasses made from smoother materials may slip more easily, while those with rubberized textures tend to stay put better.

Are there specific styles of sunglasses that are less likely to slip?

Sunglasses with wrap-around arms or those with a more contoured fit tend to stay on better during active use.

Can the weather affect how well my sunglasses stay on?

Yes, hot and humid weather can increase the chances of your sunglasses slipping due to sweat and skin oils.

Is it possible to get sunglasses that are slip-resistant?

While no sunglasses are completely slip-resistant, those with textured nose pads and temple grips are designed to reduce slippage.

Do anti-slip products for sunglasses work on all types of frames?

Most anti-slip products are versatile, but it’s important to check the product compatibility with your specific frame material.


In our effort to keep sunglasses from slipping, we’ve tried everything from at-home tweaks to professional fittings and cutting-edge devices. Each method has its allure, such as the personal touch of changing the fit yourself or the assurance that comes with professional assistance. 

The main takeaway is that sunglasses slipping down your nose aren’t a problem unless they’re fixed. There is a solution that can work for you, whether it’s through frequent cleaning, good maintenance, or using the right products for increased grip. 

Remember that the proper fit not only improves your comfort but also guarantees that your sunglasses serve their job of protecting your eyes while remaining firmly in place.