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Pet Panic: Airlines Losing Dogs. Here Are 11 Airlines That Won’t.

OMG, our greatest fear when flying with our pets is that the darn airline is incompetent enough to lose them or fail to take care of them. Take, for example, Delta Airlines, who lost six-year-old Maia in Atlanta, or Etihad, who didn’t climate control their cargo hold which left two dogs seriously ill and one dog dying from heat-related illness.   One thing’s for sure, we certainly aren’t getting on the plane until we see our fur babies safely loaded up into a climate-controlled cargo hold! And these are our favorite airlines that make traveling with our pets a breeze! 

JSX Airlines

This airline lets you take small pets in an approved carrier that can fit under your seat. Larger pets need to be checked into cargo, or you can purchase an adjoining seat and have them on the floor in front of it. The cost is $100 one way, and you can arrive 20 minutes prior to departure, unlike other airlines that need you there for an hour. The best thing? They have their own private terminal, which makes them a favorite for pet owners traveling with their fur babies! 

American Airlines

American Airlines allows you to travel with your pet for up to 12 hours to select locations. As long as your pet’s kennel fits the requirements, you can have them with you as a carry-on with a fee of $150 per kennel. The airline also offers a check-in pet cargo service if your pet is too large for the cabin. 

Air France 

Air France has three different options to choose from: in the cabin, on hold, or the cargo. The rates are between 70 to 200 Euros for a cabin or between 200 to 400 Euros for pets on hold. Contact the airline for details on cargo prices.   

United Airlines

The airline has a thorough policy for pet travel, such as pets must be at least 2 months old for domestic or 4 months old for international flights. Each kennel cost starts from $125 a trip, and the United App shows you potty stations in airports for your pets. 

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines allows pets to board the cabin on domestic flights. Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and it costs $125 per carrier for the US mainland or $35 per carrier between Hawaiian Islands. 

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines requires all pets to be transported inside the cargo. They have a detailed explanation on their website for the type of crates you can use for each animal.  

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss offers pet services for any part of their route and you can choose the cabin or carry on. Pets must be at least 12 weeks to travel and prices are between $57 to $437. 

Jetblue Airways

Jetblue only accepts small dogs and cats under 20 pounds that can fit onboard carriers. The pet fee is $125 regardless of your destination.  

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines allows pets on board and in cargo. They have helpful guidance on their website where you can check out the prices and things to prepare. 

Air Canada

Choose between cargo, in baggage, or onboard in Air Canada. Pets must be at least 10 weeks old and charges are $50 for destinations in the US or Canada or $100 for international flights.