This is How to Check If Your $1 is worth $150K. Thanks to a Mistake by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing!

What if I told you that tucked away in your everyday possessions lies the potential for a life-changing fortune? Among the seemingly ordinary items lying around your house—coins, books, vintage toys—there’s one unsuspecting treasure that could turn your life on its head: a $1 bill from 2013.  Believe it or not, due to a rare printing error, these unassuming bills could fetch up to $150,000 each and collectors may be willing to pay up to $150,000 if you have two $1 dollar bills with the same error, according to

How to check your $1 bills

WealthyNickel said to check your $1 bills for the following:

  • Series date that reads “Series 2013.” The series date can be found on the right side of the George Washington photograph.
  • The “B” Federal Reserve Seal above the serial number.
  • The serial number features a star and sits somewhere between “B00000001 – B00250000” or “B03200001-B09600000

You must have two $1 bills that match this criteria.

It would be exciting to discover that loose change in your pocket or bills in your wallet could unlock your financial freedom. With millions of these special bills mistakenly printed with matching serial numbers, the odds are in your favor. Yet, only a handful have been unearthed so far, leaving countless more waiting to be discovered. So, as you go about your daily routines, take a moment to consider the hidden potential in the ordinary items around you.

Check Your Wallet: Your 2013 Series $1 Bill Could Be Worth $150,000!

Take out your wallets and take out any $1 bills you have because they might be worth up to $150,000 if the series date on them indicates 2013. Between 2014 and 2016, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing inadvertently produced 6.4 million banknotes with identical serial numbers. Federal banks in New York and Washington, DC released a batch. To date, only nine pairs have been found to have identical serial numbers. There must be many more on public accounts.

Ordinary things lying around the house that could be worth

In your possessions, you will find the potential for a hidden fortune. From rare coins to vintage toys and antique furniture, ordinary items could hold extraordinary value.  These 8 priceless collectibles, along with an estimate of their potential value, may be found around your home:

1. Rare Coins

Check your spare change closely because you might have a small fortune in your pocket. For example, a 1943 copper penny is not just a penny—it could be worth up to $282,000 because it was mistakenly made from the wrong material. Similarly, a 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny is valued at over $2,500. It’s worth taking a second look at your old coins; they might be more valuable than you consider!

2. Vintage Video Games

The old video game console sitting in your attic might be a hidden treasure. Games like ‘Chrono Trigger’ for the SNES can fetch around $600, and a Genesis CDX console can sell for up to $5,000. These aren’t just relics of gaming history; they’re potential gold mines. So, before getting rid of your old gaming gear, give it some thought.

3. Books

Old books can be unexpectedly valuable, especially if they’re first editions. A first edition of J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ can sell for as much as $471,000. Comic book collectors also pay top dollar for rarities like an original copy of Action Comics #1, which sold for $3.25 million. Check those shelves for hidden gems!

4. Vintage Toys

Old toys can be worth a lot, especially if they are kept in good condition. For instance, a Barbie designed by Stefano Canturi was sold for $302,000, and some vintage Star Wars action figures and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls have fetched thousands of dollars. Before tossing out old toys, consider their potential value—they might be collectors’ treasures!

5. Antique Furniture

Antique furniture, especially if crafted by famous designers like Thomas Chippendale or Gustav Stickley, might just be your gold mine. Even pieces from the American Colonial and Victorian periods can be worth up to $100k or more. And don’t overlook the 1960s vibe; a teak Parker sideboard from that era could also rake in a tidy sum. It’s all about the design and era when it comes to furniture.

6. Rotary Phones

Recall those old rotary phones from classic movies? Turns out, they’re not just for show. These vintage phones can fetch up to $500 or more if they’re in good shape and the right model. Next time you’re at your granny’s house, take a second look at that old phone—it might be worth more than just a nostalgic glance!

7. Jewelry

Pieces from notable designers or those featuring rare gemstones often fetch high prices at auctions. Take the Graff Pink Diamond, for instance—a 24.78-carat stunner that sold for $46 million. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a flea market find, it’s worth having your jewelry appraised. Who knows, you might be sitting on a fortune!

8. Classic Cameras

Is there an old camera gathering dust in your closet? Don’t rush to dismiss it as outdated. Vintage film cameras, like the Leica M3, are highly sought after and can sell for thousands.  A century-old Leica prototype once sold for $15 million. It’s time to dig through those boxes—your old camera might just be a hidden gem that could make you quite happy financially!