How Long To Wear Sunglasses After Lasik?

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Samuel Wallace

The journey of LASIK surgery opens a new chapter towards clearer vision, yet it brings along a pivotal responsibility, protecting your eyes during the delicate recovery period.

The role of sunglasses post-LASIK extends beyond mere fashion or preference; they become a shield, safeguarding your eyes from the piercing rays of the sun and potential irritants. It’s not just about fashion, But have you ever wondered why celebrities often wear sunglasses?

But the question lingers: how long should this shield be upheld? Whether it’s a week, a month, or an ongoing commitment, exploring the duration of wearing sunglasses after LASIK becomes a journey of understanding and balancing comfort, protection, and long-term eye health.

How Long To Wear Sunglasses After Lasik

Sunglasses should be worn immediately after the procedure and consistently during the initial recovery week to safeguard the healing process. Moreover, it is recommended to continue wearing sunglasses for at least one month for outdoor activities to ensure optimal protection and comfort.

The imperative of wearing sunglasses post-LASIK is underscored not just as a short-term necessity but as a long-term precaution. 

Sunglasses, especially those providing 99-100% UV protection, become a shield against bright lights and potential irritants immediately and for at least the initial week post-surgery. 

Dr. Mattioli emphasizes that while the flap may feel healed, sunglasses should be worn for at least a week to mitigate irritation and discomfort.

The Significance of Sunglasses Post-LASIK

Sunglasses play a multifaceted role post-LASIK surgery. Firstly, they offer a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, ensuring the eyes remain shielded from potential damage. 

Additionally, the post-operative phase often brings heightened sensitivity and vulnerability to irritants; sunglasses effectively mitigate these concerns, preventing discomfort and potential complications. 

Beyond mere protection, they also support the healing process, ensuring the eyes have the optimal environment to recover. In essence, sunglasses become an indispensable tool, merging comfort with essential post-operative care.

What Type Of Sunglasses Are Recommended After Lasik

Selecting the right sunglasses post-LASIK emerges as a blend of practicality and precaution. Sunglasses that block 99-100% of UV rays, fit snugly, and have wide sleeves are pivotal for optimal protection. 

The study done by PARKHURST NUVISION underscores the significance of polarized lenses to minimize glare, especially during the LASIK recovery phase. 

Furthermore, it emphasizes choosing dark lenses for superior sun protection and ensuring a comfortable fit for consistent use. 

Best Sunglasses Brands For Post-LASIK

  1. Ray-Ban
  2. Oakley
  3. Maui Jim
  4. Costa Del Mar
  5. Persol
  6. Warby Parker
  7. Smith Optics
  8. Serengeti
  9. Zeal Optics
  10. Wiley X


Can I watch TV with sunglasses after LASIK

After undergoing LASIK, ensuring a smooth recovery is crucial, and watching TV can be a part of it if done right. According to NVISION Eye Centers, patients are advised to avoid screens, including TV, for at least 24-48 hours post-surgery to prevent eye strain and facilitate healing. 

When you do start watching TV, wearing sunglasses, particularly those that block 99-100% of UV rays, can shield your eyes from potential irritants and light, providing an additional layer of protection and comfort during your screen time and recovery period.

Can I Skip Wearing Sunglasses Indoors or in Low Light?

Yes, you can skip wearing sunglasses indoors or in low light after LASIK, especially if the lighting doesn’t cause discomfort.

However, due to the heightened light sensitivity experienced post-LASIK, some individuals might find comfort in wearing sunglasses even in subdued lighting during the initial recovery days.

If you are curious about wearing sunglasses in different lighting conditions, you can explore the topic wearing sunglasses at night.

Should I sleep with sunglasses on after LASIK?

Yes, you can sleep with sunglasses on after LASIK. Instead, eye shields or goggles are typically recommended to protect your eyes while sleeping during the initial recovery period. These shields prevent accidental rubbing and protect the eyes from dust and debris, ensuring the healing process is not disrupted. 

Sunglasses are not designed to provide the necessary protection while sleeping and may not prevent accidental rubbing or pressure on the eyes. 

Can you wear normal sunglasses after LASIK?

Yes, you can wear normal sunglasses after LASIK, but it’s crucial to ensure they meet certain specifications to adequately protect your healing eyes. 

The sunglasses should block 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays and fit snugly to shield your eyes from sunlight from every angle. Polarized lenses, which reduce glare, are also recommended, especially for activities like driving.

How Long To Wear Sunglasses After Lasik?

In the journey of recovery post-LASIK surgery, the role of sunglasses emerges as both a shield and a comfort provider, safeguarding the eyes from potential irritants and harmful UV rays while mitigating the common symptom of light sensitivity. 

From the immediate post-operative period to the subsequent weeks of healing, sunglasses serve as a constant companion, ensuring that the path to clearer vision is unobstructed and comfortable. 

While adhering to expert guidelines on the duration and type of sunglasses to wear is pivotal, understanding the underlying reasons, such as protecting the corneal flap and ensuring optimal healing conditions, becomes equally significant.