Why Are Costa Sunglasses So Expensive? 10 Facts That Command A High Price

Reviewed by:
Samuel Wallace

A Costa sunglasses pair stands out not only because of its design and performance but also because of its price. Many ponder the rationale behind the high cost of these sunglasses. Is it the unique features, or the durable materials that justify the expense? Or perhaps it’s the brand’s reputation and the long service life of their products?

Moreover, the balance between quality and cost becomes a focal point of discussions, as we dissect whether the financial outlay truly aligns with the value offered by these high-end spectacles.

Through the lens of practical examples and straightforward language, this exploration will shed light on the elements that contribute to the elevated cost of Costa sunglasses.

They’re handcrafted with high-quality, durable materials, ensuring longevity, and eco-friendliness, using recycled components, and being owned by eyewear giant Luxottica enhances their market positioning. Much like the reasons some other brands like Cazal and Maui Jim command higher prices.

Advanced polarization offers superior vision protection, especially against harmful UV rays and blue light, and combined with a strong brand reputation, contributes to their premium status in the eyewear industry.

10 Reasons Why Costa Sunglasses Command A High Price

1. High-Quality Materials

Costa sunglasses stand out not just for their design but also for the materials that go into their making. The frames predominantly use TR-90 nylon, known for its durability and lightweight nature, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

Additionally, the incorporation of bio-resin showcases Costa’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on strength. These materials combined ensure that wearers get a product that’s built to last while being environmentally conscious.

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2. 580 Lens Technology and HEV Blue Light

Costa’s 580 lens technology is a game-changer in eyewear innovation. Specifically designed to enhance clarity and contrast, these lenses also play a crucial role in filtering out harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light.

By reducing exposure to HEV light, Costa sunglasses offer superior protection, ensuring optimal eye health. Which make them ideal sunglasses for Post-LASIK. This advanced lens technology, combined with the brand’s commitment to vision safety, adds to the premium nature of Costa products.

3. Advanced Polarization Technology

One of the standout features of Costa sunglasses is their high-end polarization. When used outdoors, where sunlight reflects off surfaces such as water, this technology minimizes glare. These sunglasses provide superior eye protection and enhance visual clarity by reducing glare.

Costa sunglasses are renowned for their quality and eye comfort due to their advanced technology, which ensures optimal vision and safety.

5. Eco-Friendly Approach

Costa’s dedication to the environment is evident in its choice of materials and its impactful initiatives. A responsible approach to eyewear production is demonstrated by the brand’s use of recycled and eco-friendly components. Besides reflecting a sustainable ethos, this commitment also enhances the brand’s value proposition.

The integration of environmentally conscious materials, while maintaining product quality, plays a role in the premium pricing, highlighting Costa’s balance between luxury and sustainability. 

Further testament to their environmental commitment, Costa has been honored with the prestigious RELX SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Customer Award for its “Untangle our Oceans” campaign.

6. Protection from UV Rays

One of the paramount features of any quality eyewear is protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. Costa sunglasses excel in this domain, offering robust UV protection to shield the eyes from potential damage. This safeguarding not only ensures visual comfort but also promotes long-term eye health.

It’s similar to the importance of wearing sunglasses after specific eye procedures like dilation.

According to a study by the World Health Organization, prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to serious eye conditions, further underscoring the importance of effective UV protection in sunglasses. 

The integration of this essential feature, combined with Costa’s premium build, contributes to the brand’s higher price point, emphasizing the blend of safety and luxury.

7. Ownership by Luxottica

Costa’s association with Luxottica, a dominant force in the eyewear industry, plays a pivotal role in its market stance. Being under the umbrella of such a powerful conglomerate provides Costa with enhanced resources, research capabilities, and market reach.

This affiliation, while bolstering the brand’s global presence, also factors into its pricing strategy. The backing of Luxottica elevates Costa’s brand value, reflecting the premium attached to its products.

8. Artistry in Frame Design

Costa sunglasses are more than just eyewear; they are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Each frame is handcrafted, showcasing a blend of tradition and innovation. This attention to detail ensures not only a unique aesthetic but also superior fit and comfort.

The artisanal approach to design, combined with top-tier materials, adds to the brand’s exclusivity. Such dedication to craftsmanship is a significant factor in the premium pricing of Costa products.

9. Brand Reputation and Trust

Costa has carved a niche for itself in the eyewear market, earning accolades for quality and innovation. This sterling reputation has been built over the years, fostering trust among consumers.

It’s similar to the trust people place in brands worn by figures like Andrew Tate. When individuals invest in Costa sunglasses, they’re not just buying a product; they’re buying into a legacy of excellence.

This deep-rooted trust and established market standing justify the brand’s premium pricing, as consumers recognize and are willing to pay for genuine quality.

10. Publicity and Advertising

Costa’s prominence in the eyewear market is significantly bolstered by its adept marketing strategies. Through targeted campaigns and impactful advertising, the brand effectively communicates its value proposition to consumers.

This strategic publicity not only elevates the brand’s image but also plays a role in the pricing structure. By investing in high-quality advertising, Costa ensures its position as a premium brand, justifying the price tag attached to its products.

Are Costa Sunglasses For You?

Costa sunglasses, renowned for their quality and innovation, undeniably stand out in the crowded eyewear market. Their commitment to craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and advanced vision protection justifies their premium pricing.

While the initial investment might seem high, the blend of durability, style, and brand reputation ensures that consumers receive value for their money. 

As with many luxury items, with Costa, you’re not just purchasing eyewear; you’re investing in a legacy of excellence and a promise of superior performance.