130 Sunglasses Names Ideas

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Samuel Wallace

Choosing the right name for a pair of sunglasses isn’t just about branding—it’s about capturing a mood, a moment, or a memory. Why do some sunglasses’ names evoke a sense of adventure, while others hint at elegance or mystery?

It’s all in the name. Think about it: isn’t there a thrill in donning a pair called “Midnight Whisper” compared to one simply labeled “Black Tint”?

A name can transport you to sunlit beaches or chic city streets, even before you put them on. But how do you coin a name that resonates, that tells a story?

Let’s take a deep dive into this article, and explore the art and science behind naming those shades that protect our eyes and, often, reveal our character.

Best and Creative Sunglasses Names (with Meaning)

1. GlintGuard

Derived from the word “glint,” which means a small flash of light, especially as reflected from a shiny surface. GlintGuard suggests protection from harmful sun rays while offering a stylish glint to the wearer’s eyes. It’s like having a shield that guards your eyes but with a fashionable twist.

During situations like Dilation, post-Lasik or any eye procedure that require protection from damaging sun rays.

2. Sun Savvy

“Savvy” is a colloquial term that means having practical knowledge or understanding. SunSavvy implies that the sunglasses are designed with expertise for those who are discerning about sun protection.

3. Eclipse Eyes

An eclipse is a natural event where one celestial body moves into the shadow of another celestial body. EclipseEyes suggests that these sunglasses provide unparalleled shade and protection, much like how an eclipse shields the earth from the sun’s full glare.

4. Lumina Lid

“Lumina” is derived from luminous, meaning bright or shining. LuminaLid suggests that while these sunglasses can handle the brightest of lights, they also add a touch of brightness to one’s style.

5. Ray Rebel

Playing on the dual meaning of “ray” – sunlight and a hint of rebellion – RayRebel is for those who dare to stand out and challenge the norm, all while protecting their eyes.

6. Shade Shifters

This name plays with the idea of changing or “shifting” shades. ShadeShifters are perfect for those on the go, adapting to different lighting conditions while keeping things cool.

7. Vision Vogue

Marrying vision protection with fashion, VisionVogue suggests a blend of functionality and style. It’s not just about seeing clearly; it’s about looking good while doing so.

8. Gaze Glaze

A “glaze” is a glossy finish. GazeGlaze implies that these sunglasses give a polished look to one’s gaze, ensuring eyes are not just protected but also look captivating.

Which might be the reason that why do celebrities wear sunglasses?

9. Sight Sleek

“Sleek” means smooth and glossy. SightSleek suggests a design that’s not just about protection but also about adding a smooth, fashionable edge to one’s appearance.

10. Twilight Tints

Twilight is the soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon. TwilightTints are perfect for those transitional times, offering a hue that’s just right, not too dark or too light.

Best Sunglasses Names Ideas List

Sunglasses are more than just protective eyewear; they’re a statement, an extension of one’s personality, and often, a fashion staple. 

With the sun casting its golden rays, the right pair can elevate a look, shield sensitive eyes, and reflect a style that’s uniquely yours. 

  1. LuxeLense
  2. HorizonHues
  3. GlimmerGuard
  4. ChromaShade
  5. SolarSleek
  6. MysticMirror
  7. DayDreamerTints
  8. GoldenGaze
  9. NimbusNudes
  10. AuroraEyes
  11. DuskDuo
  12. SunKissedSight
  13. TwilightTales
  14. CelestialShade
  15. RadiantRims
  16. GlowGuardians
  17. SkylineShades
  18. SunsetSpectacles
  19. DaylightDrapes
  20. Nightless City

Sunglasses Business Names Ideas

The perfect name for your sunglasses business is akin to selecting the ideal frame for a masterpiece painting. It sets the tone, evokes emotion, and becomes the first impression. A name can be the bridge between a curious browser and a loyal customer.

  1. Solar Silhouette
  2. Luminous Legacy
  3. Horizon Hues
  4. Twilight Tints
  5. Radiant Reflections
  6. Mystic Mirage
  7. Sunlit Serenity
  8. Dusk Dreamers
  9. Golden Glimpse
  10. Azure Allure
  11. Dawn Drifters
  12. Celestial Charm
  13. Sunscape Styles
  14. Lunar Luster
  15. Daylight Diva
  16. Oceanic Opulence
  17. Beachside Bliss
  18. Skyline Shades
  19. Sunset Seraph
  20. Coastal Canvas
  21. Meridian Muse
  22. Solaris Soiree
  23. Ray Reverie
  24. Glint Gaze
  25. Noon Nirvana
  26. Sunbeam Sonata
  27. Twilight Twinkle
  28. Daydream Duo
  29. Radiance Rendezvous
  30. Celestia Chic

Funny Sunglasses Names 

Sunglasses aren’t just about shielding our eyes from the sun; they’re a statement, a reflection of our quirky personalities.

Why settle for the mundane when you can opt for names that spark a chuckle or a second glance?

  1. Goggle Giggles
  2. Shade Shenanigans
  3. Glint Grins
  4. Blinker Banter
  5. Lens Larks
  6. Tinted Teases
  7. Sunnies Sillies
  8. Glare Guffaws
  9. Vision Vexers
  10. Ray Riddles
  11. Light Laughs
  12. Hue Hahas
  13. Tint Tickles
  14. Frame Frolics
  15. Sight Snickers
  16. Dusk Doodles
  17. Glance Glee
  18. Beam Banters
  19. Twilight Teasers
  20. Daylight Droll
  21. Mirror Mirths
  22. Filter Funnies
  23. Dawn Doodles
  24. Radiance Rib-ticklers
  25. Gaze Goofs
  26. Bright Bloopers
  27. Noon Nonsense
  28. Eclipse Euphoria
  29. Morning Mocks
  30. Horizon Hoots

Unique Sunglasses Store Names

A store’s name is its first impression, a hint of the style and flair awaiting inside. It’s not just about selling eyewear; it’s about selling a vision, a lifestyle. Dive into this curated list of unique sunglasses store names that promise to leave an indelible mark.

  1. Sunlit Silhouettes
  2. Glare Glamour
  3. Luminous Lenses
  4. Shade Serenade
  5. Radiant Reflections
  6. Glisten Gaze
  7. Twilight Tints
  8. Horizon Hues
  9. Dusk Drapes
  10. Solar Sophisticate
  11. Luxe Luminance
  12. Mystic Mirrors
  13. Dawn Dazzle
  14. Celestial Sight
  15. Ray Rhapsody
  16. Eclipse Elegance
  17. Golden Glimmers
  18. Azure Attire
  19. Sunscape Styles
  20. Beam Boutiquef

Creative Sunglasses Brand Names

The identity of a sunglasses brand begins with a name, a beacon that beckons attention and resonates with the essence of style and innovation. And to complement that unique identity, crafting a catchy slogan is just as crucial.

  1. Solar Silhouette
  2. Luminous Luxe
  3. Horizon Hues
  4. Radiant Reverie
  5. Twilight Tint
  6. Sunlit Serenity
  7. Mystic Mirage
  8. Dusk Dreamer
  9. Celestial Charm
  10. Daylight Drift
  11. Golden Glimmer
  12. Azure Allure
  13. Dawn Dazzle
  14. Noon Nirvana
  15. Sunset Seraph
  16. Rayed Rhapsody
  17. Gilded Gaze
  18. Skyline Spectacle
  19. Daydreamer Drapes
  20. Lumina Lure

How to Name Sunglasses?

Crafting Identity with Words

Naming a pair of sunglasses is akin to naming a child. It’s about capturing essence, emotion, and purpose. But how does one encapsulate all that in just a word or two? Let’s dive into the art of naming those stylish shades. 

Emotion Over Logic

Why do names like “Solar Silhouette” or “Luminous Luxe” appeal to us? They evoke emotion. A good name should evoke a feeling, whether it is the warmth of a summer day or the allure of a mysterious evening.

The Power of Association

Names like “Horizon Hues” or “Twilight Tint” immediately paint a picture in our minds. They associate the product with a certain imagery or feeling. What do you want your sunglasses to remind people of? A serene beach? A bustling city? Choose names that create vivid mental images.  Moreover, an iconic name paired with the perfect Instagram caption for sunglasses can make your style a social media sensation

Simplicity is Key

“Dusk Dreamer”, “Golden Glimmer”, “Azure Allure”. Notice a pattern? They’re simple, yet impactful. While it’s tempting to go for something grand, sometimes two words are all you need to make a statement. 

Originality Matters

In a market flooded with “Sunny Shades” and “Daylight Drifts”, how will your brand stand out? By being unique. Avoid clichés and overused terms. Instead, opt for names that are fresh and unexpected.

Function with Fashion

While names should be stylish, they shouldn’t ignore the function of sunglasses. Names like “Rayed Rhapsody” or “Gilded Gaze” subtly hint at the protective aspect of the shades, blending purpose with panache.

In essence, naming sunglasses is a blend of art and science. It’s about understanding your target audience, tapping into emotions, and ensuring the name aligns with the brand’s ethos.